Understanding An Interchangeable SIEM Architecture

At its core, a SIEM (Security Incident & Event Management) ingests, filters, normalizes and alerts upon events provided by downstream systems. Some SIEM vendors also venture into the event collection and aggregation arena to provide a richer view of event data from specific resources like Windows or Linux servers. The reason SIEM vendors develop agents to gather localized log data isn’t just because they can obtain richer data feeds; it is also because this raises the bar of difficulty in migrating to another SIEM. To understand this further, let's look and monolithic, microservices, and configuration as code architectures.

Monolithic Architecture

Monolithic is…

Defining and Delivering A Successful Zero-Trust Initiative

Zero-Trust is how Information Security empowers the business to deliver its imperatives by seamlessly enabling the use of nearly any service from anywhere utilizing identity-centric security. What does key core capabilities does this statement include? Anything identity-based control or capability that you choose to include. There isn’t a wrong answer. Within this article, I will contextualize my definition of Zero-Trust and provide different perspectives on how a program of this type could impact teams within the organization while also providing ideas on measuring progress along the way.

Why Now?

Corporate networks are a lot like grocery stores. Once you’re inside, all options…

I’ve Never Regretted Being Compassionate

Neiman sat down at the far end of the conference table nearly six feet away and even with this distance between us, he still felt intimidating. The braces supporting the legs of the table moaned as he placed his full weight onto his forearms, leaning in to look me straight in the eye.

“That isn’t how it happened, AND you need to just do what I am asking you to do,” He shouted, his face red with anger.

“I don’t know why we are even here,” Neiman announced as he turned his gaze from me to Tyler, his boss, sitting…

The Power Of A Human Connection

This Series

This article is part of a series called Connected Leadership. It revolves around the observations or lessons a father wrote about in his memoir, You Are Held In Love. The specific lessons addressed in this article are:

  • If you want to change your life, change your language — This lesson is the how, the starting point for nearly all of the lessons above. To identify your beliefs, listen to your language, listen to your thoughts. To unknow and move to nothing, listen to what you know and what you believe by listening to your language.
  • We create through being —…

How Judgement Hides Accountability

This Series

This article is part of a series called Connected Leadership. It revolves around the observations or lessons a father wrote about in his memoir, You Are Held In Love. The specific lessons addressed in this article are:

  • We create through being — Because we are, we create. Our beingness is what allows us to be creators. Since our beingness is what enables creation, what we are creating arises out of how we are being. Are you aware of how you are being in every moment? We create through being.
  • Objects appear as you are — This lesson couples well with…

How Judgment Eliminates Opportunity

Diversity is essential to life, literally fueling nature — integrated differences creating conditions that create life. Sameness is not a natural product of creation. Regardless of the appearance of similarity, everything is distinctly unique, driven through evolution. The continued evolution of identifying business requires a leader to foster diversity. Diversity of perspective empowers critical thinking and fuels creative problem-solving. Through the energy and act of presence, listening, and allowing, a connected leader holds the space where creation can occur. So realize, my PowerPoint isn’t about meeting your expectations of sameness and story, it’s about you understanding my unique, diverse perspective…

A Father's Memoir On Life Applied To Business

In December of 2019, I finished the memoir, You Are Held In Love. Written as an offering to my children, it identified over a dozen patterns I had discovered about how life moved, about how life operated. After a life-altering spiritual awakening polished the lens of my internal vision, offering me the ability to see and feel beyond what I had come to believe was a horizon, I discovered what it meant to embody love, compassion, and empathy, to move from my heart, to align to my highest divine aspect. You Are Held In Love captured, for my children, the…

It’s Your Natural State Of Being

It was 3 a.m. on July 15th. I was in the hypnagogic state of consciousness, the liminal space, the area of tranquil calm and peace, separating wakefulness and sleep. The silence was disturbed by a non-alarming clear male voice that said ‘July 31st is the day’. My eyes were dry, and I struggled to open them, the lashes seemingly tangled together. I could sense my wife lying beside me, sleeping soundly. I was not alarmed by this voice since I had heard it before, arriving years ago after a prayer, it offered guidance and direction on my life.

The prayer…

Using FICO As A Framework For Your Security Posture

Did you know FICO is a company, not an acronym? FICO, originally Fair, Isaac and Company, provides data analytics focused on credit scoring. FICO influenced the consumer credit risk industry so heavily that its name became the de facto measure depicting consumer credit risk. Enter in SICO (sī-kō), an reporting framework enabling the depiction of business security risk.

In June of 2019, I attended Gartner’s Security Risk Conference in Maryland. I was introduced to a company providing a ‘FICO’ type security score for virtually any major company with an internet presence. The score was assigned to a company by scanning…

Turning Azure Policy Into A Risk-Based Tool

The goal was clear; risk-based metrics providing a defense-in-depth based view of security posture by app team. We knew app teams were competitive. We knew app teams wanted to be empowered! We knew app teams wanted to be secure. We also knew many app teams were unclear on what “secure” meant. We wanted a scoreboard by app-team that provided not just the necessary information to “score” them, but the essential information to inform them. What inspired us was sharing “our” perspective on security. How does Information Security see security? What is meant by defense-in-depth? Why is security posture important? …

Chuck Johnson

A witness to life; it’s patterns, tendencies and flow. A discoverer of the essence of things. A creator of flow from observation.

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