Connected Leadership — A Series — The Power Of A Human Connection

This Series

This article is part of a series called Connected Leadership. It revolves around the observations or lessons a father wrote about in his memoir, You Are Held In Love. The specific lessons addressed in this article are:

  • We create through being — Because we are, we create. Our beingness is what allows us to be creators. Since our beingness enables creation, what we are creating arises out of how we are being. Are you aware of how you are being in every moment? We create through being.
  • Objects appear as you are — This lesson couples well with the one above. Humans tend to project their feelings, emotions, fears, and subconscious biases onto others. Another way of saying this is, I am not what you think I am; you are what you think I am. Are you aware that negative thinking about that other person or team is actually your own reflection? Objects appear as you are.
  • The next moment is empty — This lesson couples well with the two above. The gist is, you are a creator through being, and every next moment of your life is empty of your creation, devoid of your contribution. Every next moment is empty, containing nothing, thereby providing the possibility for you to create anything, say anything, do anything within it. The next moment is empty.
  • I have never regretted being compassionate — When all else fails, be compassionate. Move from a space of love. Understand the blessing of the moment you are in, and be compassionate. I doubt you will ever regret this choice.

This Article

It was Wednesday, three months, three weeks, and three days after starting my new role. I sat at a round table, probably ten feet in diameter. Men surrounded the table, filling every seat and overflowing into a standing room only crowd leaning against walls and propped up on counters. A VP had called the meeting, inviting numerous functional leaders from within his organization to discuss the status of a project that had apparently missed a delivery deadline. I was amazed at the palpable anger and defensiveness that filled the room, even before anyone spoke. I was appreciative of myself, of my ability to be “tuned in, tapped in, and turned on”, as Abraham Hicks says, connected and aware of the silent information filling the room. This did not appear to be a new experience for many, and it did not appear to be an experience anyone was excited about participating in.


We create through being. What are we creating into the next moment it is a direct reflection of how we are being in the current moment. The next moment is empty of our contribution. This fact is always true. What are you creating into every next moment? That is both a question and a goal. The goal? To be continually aware of and aspiring toward the full purposeful, intentional presence of being from which to create from.

A witness to life; it’s patterns, tendencies and flow. A discoverer of the essence of things. A creator of flow from observation.

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