True Belonging — The Inevitable Collision of Life And Work

I live a spiritual life. Yoga. Meditation. Self-reflection. A significant part of my life is dedicated to understanding myself and connecting with others in a deep meaningful way.

Outside of work, I spend my time outdoors enjoying and connecting with nature. Morning and evening fires entice me, and I can feel my heart smile as I share these experiences with close friends and family.

Notice — Living from the heart soothes the mind and aligns the body and Soul.

I do not own a TV. I choose instead to connect directly with life. I mindfully witness what life is offering, seeking observation from a position of energetic balance without judgment, so the true essence of life can emerge.

I have asked for the lessons of life to be elegantly offered and understood, and it has obliged, although not all experiences have occurred elegantly.

I have witnessed the interactivity of life, witnessed her listening to me, seen how the desire of my heart, and the wisdom of my body and Soul, offer and encourage an infinite depth of knowing.

What I have realized is, I have discovered my most authentic way of being. I have discovered myself, my Soul, my essence.

I am this person, I am this way of being always, inside or outside of work. It is all I can be.

I continually find myself in the authentic conversations of life, sharing observations offered to me, discussing life’s essence, whether inside or outside of work.

There is no separate me. No work me and non-work me. Just me. This essence. The person you see who is aware, wise, and unique; familiar with work things and familiar with life things, always offering a distinct perspective on what’s occurring. Each moment provides the opportunity to hold the highest vibration, harmony with the divine, while also inviting us to offer compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love.

The more authentic I am at work, the more I am received with open arms and smiles. I see hearts open to the idea that each person can be this authentic too, as it is from here that oneness emanates throughout a person’s life.

You have the power to change what you believe to be true. Discover this.

There’s no longing here. There is only being. True belonging is not only the discovery of self; it is the discovery of being; it is the discovery of the courage to be, a connection to one's heart. Look closely and see, it takes courage to be courageous and this is found in the heart.

That which you seek you already are. You are all of it; you are whole already.

Belonging is the discovery of the Soul, where acceptance and unconditional love exist for all of you just as you are. Work you and life you do not need to be separated. That way of existence can be over.

That is what this story offers, space, encouragement, step into that which you are, wherever you are. You lead, we lead, companies and society will follow.

I titled this article with the word ‘collision’ because that is what I imagined when I started the journey, work me, and non-work me colliding. After sitting silently and examining closer, I see belonging is an integration, not a collision, it is embodiment. It’s just being.

The ultimate discovery of true belonging is just being.

A witness to life; it’s patterns, tendencies and flow. A discoverer of the essence of things. A creator of flow from observation.

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